Wrap Up

Stories I’ve recently Watched

Hello everyone!

My 2018 reading challenge is not looking very good at this very moment. It’s already February and I still haven’t read a single book! Like, hello, reading gods, where are you? I need you to help me fight this slump away! Huhu.

Since I haven’t been reading, I decided to just let you guys know what I’ve watched last January. I watched quite a few films and TV Shows last month so yeah, here we go!

Harry Potter Films 2-6

I just finished reading the series last December so what a better way to heal my longingness to the books than watch the films right? The films are amazing! If you’re wondering why I haven’t watched the 7th and 8th movies yet… well, I am not yet ready end it… hahaha!

Pitch Perfect 2 and 3

I was browsing Netflix looking for a good movie to watch and decided on Pitch Perfect 2 because at that time, I haven’t gone to see the 3rd installment yet and it felt right to rewatch Pitch Perfect 2… why not 1, you ask? Well, hahaha… because I saw 2 first! 😂

Greenhouse Academy Season 1

I saw this on Netflix and was really looking for something to watch and I enjoyed it. I honestly can’t remember everything that happened but I did watch the whole Season in a day…

Degrassi: Next Class Season 1-4

The first thing I noticed while watching the first episode was that how diverse the characters are. I love how the show discussed so many issues that are currently happening in the real world. I am hoping for a new season.

Lost and Found Music Studios Season 1 and 2

I have mixed feelings with this show. I obviously liked it enough to watch both seasons — liked it enought that I watched the almost-same-show I will talk about later on — but through out the show, I have to say, I got annoyed and frustrated with how the characters treat eachother. But other than that, I really enjoyed it. The songs, plot, and all that stuff are amazing!

The Next Step seasons 1-5

This is the show I was talking about. Lost and Found is a spin-off series of The Next Step: L&F is for Musicians and TNS is for Dancers. I honestly originally started watching this series in hopes to see some L&F casts but as I continue on with the series, I ended up liking the show as much — maybe more — I heard there’s Season 6 currently airing but I have no way to watch it at the moment sooo… whispers “please let TNS also be in Netflix”

Those are all my completed films and shows, I also want to talk about the others that I started but never got the time to finish them.

Internet Famous by

I know this is not a film or a TV Show but this is the one book I tried reading last month and it was amazing! Why I never finished it? I have no idea. I just remember taking a break from reading and never gone back to opening this book again.

End of the F***ing World

This show, oh how it has been on my timeline! I started and thought it was amazing! But… I think I watched it in the wrong time. I get triggered very easily this days and I just can’t right now… so I stopped. I hope sometime this year I’ll be able to watch it.

And that’s all the shows and films I watched last month… I hope I get some reading done in February!

(I wrote this blogpost last February but never got the time to publish it. I should just edit the months and all but I know, I will someday look back at my old posts and I think this will make me laugh at myself at how irresponsible blogger I am. 😂)

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