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My Top Read Books of 2017

Hello friends! 2018 is here! Happy New Year! Now, before we talk about plans and goals for this year, let’s go back and see what we loved and enjoyed reading last year. I wasn’t able to do this last month because I was busy with stuff and yeah, here are the books I’m thankful for… Continue reading My Top Read Books of 2017

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Little Monsters by Kara Thomas

Title: Little Monsters  Author: Kara Thomas Genre: YA Mystery Thriller  My Rating: ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Publisher: Delacorte Press Publication Date: July 25, 2017 Goodreads Synopsis: For fans of Pretty Little Liars, Little Monsters is a new psychological thriller, from the author of The Darkest Corners, about appearances versus reality and the power of manipulation amongst teenage girls. Kacey… Continue reading Little Monsters by Kara Thomas